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What's special about ProProjections data?

ProProjections data is directly from the Triangle MLS database and takes advantage of the transaction records as soon as the properties are under contract.

  1. ProProjections immediately captures Days on Market, Inventory and Sales Volume data when the properties are under contract, unlike the other websites which only report these indicators after the transactions are closed. Therefore you may see the turn of the tide one or two months before the others do with ProProjections indicators.

  2. If the buyer and the seller sign the contract in April to sell the property at $500k. This price reflects the market condition in April and not the market condition when the transaction is finally closed which may happen in May or June or even October for new constructions. ProProjections calculate the medium prices & unit prices, as well as their growth rates based on the dates the properties are under contract which better reflects the market condition.

  3. Proprietary indicators: property tax rates, cap rates, unit price 10 year CAGR, etc.

  4. Replace the misleading indicators with ones that make better sense: For example, some website reports YoY inventory growth and predicts housing crash in 2023 because of the significant YoY inventory increase. However, this could be dangerously misleading. As we know, the housing market in early 2022 was crazy where the properties were sold at extremely fast speed (medium DOM in Raleigh was 1 day!). As a result the inventory went to a historically low. Such significant inventory decrease didn't lead to a price increase. On the contrary, the housing price went down significantly in the 2nd half of 2022. In 2023, the inventory is back to a higher but more healthy level. Therefore ProProjections adopts "Inventory over 5 year medium" as a more appropriate indicator.

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